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Title: Snuff Bottle Rendition

Size: 16"x12"

Medium: Plaster, Hydrocal, Acrylic, Oil, and Concrete on Panel

Title: Bad Boy

Size: 9"x12"

Medium: Sand, Plaster, Hydrocal, and Acrylic on Canvas

Title: Gem

Size: 18"x23"

Medium: Plaster, Hydrocal, Concrete, Burlap, Spray Paint, and Acrylic on Panel

Title: Chaos

Size: 62"x44"

Medium: Plaster, Hydrocal, Burlap, Acrylic, Oil, Spray Paint, Sand, and Concrete on Panel

Title: Sandbox

Size: 30"x30"

Medium: Sand, Acrylic, Oil, and Burlap on Panel

Artist Statement

I take regular and non-regular painting materials and intend to use them in a different way. I use multiple materials and textures with intention to trigger the viewers sense, and possibly bring life into my sculptural paintings. I pay attention to the forms I create and force myself to not only push the boundaries of the painting, but to push my boundaries of what I’m used to doing. The boundaries of in and out become a power that I obtain and abuse. I hope that my work can create a mood or environment that leaves the viewer inspired and with an urge to explore. The idea of not knowing, the boundaries of in and out, and the push and pull.